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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Global CO2 emissions 2011: Made in China

In 2011, the global CO2 emission has been increased by more than 800 million tons to 34 billion tons. This level can be compared to 22,682 million tons in 1990. It means that just in 22 years, we have increased our CO2 emissions by 50%!!!!

USA is no longer the dominating country in CO2 emission, where China "as they call themselves as the world fabric"got the first rank with 8,876 million tons emissions. Comparing the countries are interesting in different aspects. Sweden produces 56 million tons, while indsutrial and cold country as Canada (with 3 times more population than Sweden) produces 628 million tons. Another countries are Iran and Saudi Arabia that are not developed country, but their emissions are more than United Kingdom.