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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do we have enough renewable energy?

It would be interesting to have a look on the energy. In each year, 5,4 x 10^24 Joul solar energy is delivered to atmosphere, where just 46% is entered to the atmosphere and the rest is reflected back to the sky. About half of this energy is used to run the hydrological cycles, while about 0.05% of this entering energy (1,26* 10^18 Jouls/year) is saved in photosynthesis. This number can be compared with total energy use by human activity which is just about 33% of the energy saved by photosynthesis.

The conclusion is that all the human activity use just 0.0078% of the energy delivered to the atmosphere. We have no crisis of renewable energy, but we have crisis in our knowledge that is not enough on how to use this energy!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Climate warnings and just political and religious fighting!

In these weeks, we got a lot of news on North Pole and its ice that smells much faster than before. We also remember this spring/summer dryness in USA and a lot of rain in Europe, with coming effects in form of higher price of food in autumn. These climate extremes in Europe and USA are connected to the changes in North Pole, and we expect to have more extreme weather by e.g. too cold and long or too warm winter, or more tornadoes or too dry seasons. These types of stories are going to continue and become more often, and affect people all around the world...

When we listen to the political leaders in the world, there is no real debate and action on these issues. It is usually just talk with the purpose of winning the next election. We hear sometimes strange claims from the politicians of e.g. “the enemies made this climate changes”.

The religious leaders also neglect the scientific discussions on environment. People should pray for rain and other natural disasters, without discussing about why we get these disasters of dryness, tornado, storm, flood, too hot or too cold weather, etc. They are supposed to help people, particularly the most affected ones. It is the core of any religion, but they usually praise the political leaders, and not so much for the people.

Even people do not do better than the politicians and religious leaders. We see that one crazy guy make the film "Innocence of Muslims" which is supported by some extremists, and what turbulent follow it in the Muslim countries by other extremists and kill other people. The respect to life, humanity, other believes and religions are getting vanished. I hope we learn to respect each other, and instead of fighting to think about a more sustainable and better world!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Plants evolution on BBC

Plants are the source of energy and food for us, with photosynthesis as the core of absorption of solar energy and its conversion to oil, gas, food etc. Understanding of these plants and their evolution could be a great help to find out new renewable energies and materials in the future.

I have recently watched a very interesting documentary in 3 parts from BBC which is avaialble on YouTube. It discusses the history of earth from 3 billions years ago and how the life came in with purpule bacteria, followed by plants and their changing the atmosphere from a CO2-rich to oxygen-rich, and then how forests, leaves, flowers, fruits, grasses, etc. have been developed. It is very interesting documentary and worth to watch!

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How To Grow A Planet 3/3