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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Plants evolution on BBC

Plants are the source of energy and food for us, with photosynthesis as the core of absorption of solar energy and its conversion to oil, gas, food etc. Understanding of these plants and their evolution could be a great help to find out new renewable energies and materials in the future.

I have recently watched a very interesting documentary in 3 parts from BBC which is avaialble on YouTube. It discusses the history of earth from 3 billions years ago and how the life came in with purpule bacteria, followed by plants and their changing the atmosphere from a CO2-rich to oxygen-rich, and then how forests, leaves, flowers, fruits, grasses, etc. have been developed. It is very interesting documentary and worth to watch!

How To Grow A Planet 1/3

How To Grow A Planet 2/3 

How To Grow A Planet 3/3



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