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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Global ethanol and biodiesel 2000-2011

Fossil fuel for electricity has several competitor in the market nowadays, such as nuclear power, windpower, wave energy, geothermal, hydropower, etc. However, the diesel and gasoline as fuel do not have so many competitors in the market.

The renewable fuels are dominated by ethanol by 86 million m3/year that is about 4% of the gasoline market. It is followed in large scale by biodiesel with 21 million m3 per year in 2011. Biogas is the third largest biofuel in the market. There are also two other source that is hydrogen and electricity. However, they are still negligible in the market. Ethanol market in 2011 might be negatively affected by the drought in the US this year. We'll see how it is developed!

(Ethanol and biodiesel production in the world adapted from REN21)


  1. I assume renewable energy sources such as biodiesel fuels will significantly contribute in industry in the nearest future! thank you for posting the news!