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Monday, October 31, 2022

PhD thesis: A Fungi-based Biorefinery?

We have many ethanol plants in the world that use grains as raw materials and produce ethanol and animal feed as the products. However, the question is if we can also add lignocellulose materials or fruit wastes, how would it be?  

Gulrü Bulkan worked on this question in 4 years to see if the process can be integrated with fungi and also  organosolv pretreatment to produce ethanol, animal feed, pure lignin and also fish feed and/or human food. She did a lot of techno-economical calculation. 

Gulrü happily nailed her PhD thesis last Friday and will defend it on 18 Nov. 2022. Her thesis title is "Fungi-Based Biorefinery: Valorization of industrial residuals and techno-economic evaluation" and she put these papers in her thesis: 

1- Techno-economic analysis of bioethanol plant by-product valorization: exploring market opportunities with protein-rich fungal biomass production

2- Retrofitting analysis of a biorefinery: Integration of 1st and 2nd generation ethanol through organosolv pretreatment of oat husks and fungal cultivation.  

3- Enhancing or Inhibitory Effect of Fruit or Vegetable Bioactive Compound on Aspergillus niger and A. oryzae

4- Inhibitory and Stimulatory Effects of Fruit Bioactive Compounds on Edible Filamentous Fungi: Potential for Innovative Food Applications