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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PhD thesis: Biogas from wood and wool?

Bacteria love to eat materials that are easy to digest. In nature, we have such materials like sugars and starch in grains, fruits, etc. However, some materials are difficult to eat! Two examples are wood and wool. Wood is the construction materials in trees, and wool is supposed to keep the animals warm and not to degrade by bacteria. They have an armed structure that does not let the bacteria to come in.

Now, we have a PhD thesis by our candidate Maryam Mohseni Kabir who is defending her thesis soon and worked on how to degrade these materials. She nailed her thesis today and will defend in 3 weeks (8 October). I wish her good luck!

PhD Thesis:
Bioprocessing of Recalcitrant Substrates for Biogas Production


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