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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Electricity from nuclear or municipal waste in Iran?

The nuclear dispute of Iran is a well known subject. In 1970s, the king decided to build a German nuclear power plant with Persian Gulf in Bushehr, a decision which was not changed after the revolution and is now finished with the help of the Russians. This plant with 1,000 MW capacity was fueled today after 35 years. On the other hand, the country produces approximately 35 million tons municipal solid wastes per year. My calculation show the possibility to produce 4,000 MW electricity from this waste in Iran, a material which is practically dumping today. Let's hope that Iran put its attention to develop waste to electricity in the future!


  1. that's disappointing for me! But I wish we will be able to replace more green resources of energy instead of nuclear and even oil! once I was thinking of that if we had a good plan to recover energy from residual and wasted bread, which is a very big mass in Iran, how much energy could be produced??

  2. this possibility sounds great! and should add to it this tragic fact that huge amount of agricultural wastes also are burned improperly or discard in environment every year. Moreover, this wastes not only use properly but also turn to CO2 and enter atmosphere too.

    but what about producing CO2 or CO in this process of electricity production, is it a green way to generate energy?

    Mohamad J. Hessami

  3. Could you recommend them to do so?
    May be they are not justified enough to use munic. waste for electricity production.
    However you are an expert, and may can encourage them.