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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food crisis and our duty

For a couple of years ago, the price of corn was increased from its average price of about 100 USD to around 300 USD. It was in a parity of the oil price that made a record of more than 130 USD at the same time. These two prices are representative of an imbalance in food and energy supply and demands, which was partly dumped because of the global economical crisis. However, the problem is still out there. We see now the demonstration in e.g. Tunisia which was partly because of high price of food. We should accept that our resources is not enough to support food and energy of the current required global welfare. It is the duty of the polititions, scientists and the decision-makers in industry and agriculture to search for new sources of food as is done for energy!

(Price development of crude oil vs. corn since 2000)

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