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Monday, September 5, 2011

Making money of hazardous wastes

I was surfing today on the news, and I saw a conflict in Tehran which was about the wastes of a private hospital and its leakage that run on the street. Actually, this is a problem in many cities and countries.

Hazardous wastes should usually get the first priority in treatment and should not be mixed with other wastes. When talking about the hazardous wastes, we may talk about the hospital wastes, or the wastes containing organics like PCB, heavy metals such as cadmium, acids, bases, corrosive materials, silver, mercury, oils, etc.

One of the big companies in Sweden is SAKAB, that recieves about 500,000 tons/year hazardous wastes from different cities in Sweden. They have different technologies to take care of various hazardous wastes, and produce electricity and heat. It is a double payment for recieving the wastes and also selling the products, with almost nothing left to the environment. I wish them good luck with their work, and hope to see more such companies around the world.

(The plant at SAKAB in Kumla, Sweden that take care of the hazardous wastes)


  1. It sound great!
    it seems that they have biotech and chemical approach
    am I right?

  2. They have mostly chemical and thermal processes (high temperature)!

  3. We, and I mean the 150 people working at SAKAB, are very proud of the comments you made rgarding our company. We share your view the hazardous waste should have special treatment in plants designed to take out the toxic substances from the eco-cycle. We think that it is about time to restore the status for hazardous waste.