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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fuel consumption in Sweden 1946-2011

The total consumption of gasoline in Sweden was almost constant at 5,5 million m3 for 20 years during 1986-2006. However, this trend was broken in the last 5 years, by reducing a bit every year. In 2011, we the gasoline consumption was reduced by 7% to 4,2 million m3 according to SPBI. There are different reasons for this reduction:
- More renewables in the market (ethanol and biogas) in pure form (such as E85) or mixed with gasoline (such as E5),
- More fuel-efficient cars,
- More diesel cars.

The Ethanol share in total (E85 and E5) is about 10% of the gasoline market in total, while biogas has still very low contribution. However, it should be noticed that the total amont of gasoline and diesel are increasing from less than 9 million m3 in 1990s to 9.5 million m3 in 2011. It means that in general, Swedes are getting more interested to diesel than gasoline.

Looking at the other fuels, show aviation fuels as almost constant at about 1.1 million m3 per year, while heating oil has been significantly decreased in the last decades.

It means that Sweden has been successfull in replacing heating oils with other alternatives, while gasoline and diesel comsumption is still a challenge for the country's environmental authorities!

(Oil consumption in Sweden, according to SPBI)

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