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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Major challenges of future generation!

I watched recently again the program by BBC (David Attenborough) about the capacity of planet earth. Although the program is from three years ago, the subject is getting more and more interesting. We are using simply about 50% more resources than the capacity of our planet. We have two major problems that are energy and water. Considering the increasing in population, decreasing in supply of resources and improving the global wellfare and life styles, and more consumption, we have major challenges in the future. Considering the life styles of American, the planet has the capacity of no more than 2,5 billion people, while with the current Indian life style, the planet has the capacity of 15 billion people. However, the trend for the Indian is to move toward the Americal style, and not the vice versa. It is at least a dream of many Indians.

If we want to be realistic and not idealist, we should encourage our students, teenagers and young brains to find some solutions to recycle resources, e.g. water, energy and materials! It is the main challenge of the future generation!

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