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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Parliamentary Assembly - Union for Mediterranean (PA-UfM) and Waste Recovery

The Euro-Mediterranean parliamentary Assembly is active since 2004 with 47 countries from Europe, Middle East and North Africa, where parliamentarians share their knowledge and help each other on:
  • Political Affairs, Security, and Human Rights;
  • Economic and Financial Affairs, Social Affairs, and Education;
  • Improving Quality of Life, Exchanges between Civil Societies, and Culture;
  • Women's Rights in Euromed countries;
  • Energy, Environment, and Water.
In the last week, Swedish Parliament was the host for the meeting of "Energy, Environment, and Water" committee in Stockholm, where about 20-30 countries were participated. I and my colleague Hans Björk were invited to talk about Waste Recovery and our international partnership on improving waste management and resource recovery in the world. Considering the challenging waste manegement in many European countries, our intertion for this year and next year is to invest more time and efforts on sharing knowledge and technology on improving waste management in Europe and this meeting was a good opportunity to initiate this collaborations!
(The share of landfilling of municipal wastes in Europe in 2001- Data from Eurostat)
(A photo of the meeting PA-UfM in Stockholm 27 May 2013)

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