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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ethanol ED95 for diesel trucks

Ethanol is well known as an additive or substitute for cars with gasolines. For this purpose, hydrous ethanol (e.g. less than 95% ethanol and the rest is water) is dehydrated to ethanol with 99% purity and mixed with gasoline.

Now, ethanol is also produced commercially for diesel engines. Diesel engines have a high compressions and use no ignitions. In order to match these properties,  hydrated ethanol (e.g. 95%) is supplemented with about 5% additives to obtain ED95. This mixture has about 92% ethanol, ca 4% water and 4% other additives. It is produced now by Agroetanol here in Sweden and is being used by light trucks (26-tons with 270 hp bioethanol engines) in Stockholm. Such trucks are about 10,000-15,000 USD more expensive than diesel trucks as the engines need different compressions. The examination of these trucks show an average reduction of 68-85% GHG emission compared to fossil fuels. I wish good luck with this work!

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