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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Global access to water and sanitation

Water and Energy are critical issues in the world now. In the last few decades, we had many conflicts and wars in different regions in the world about these two topics. When it comes to water, the story become more scary, considering the global warming. We hear nowadays that California has shortage of water. But the same story is already known from Africa, Middle East, Spain, India, Pakistan, etc.

On the other hand, according to World Bank Data, we consumed 66 billion m3 water in 2010 and this consumption is going to be doubled (122 billion m3) in 2035. It means that water is going to be even more critical in many regions in the world.

Another factor is the access to sanitation (toilets, pit latrines and pour flush latrines). As for many people, a life without toilet cannot be imagined, 20% of people in urban area and 53% people in rural area do not have access to this sanitation.

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