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Friday, September 8, 2017

Entreprenourship in biogas plants

Do we really need education and to be engineer to build a biogas plant? The answer is usually 'yes', even not necessarily to be engineer. However, I have recently visited a tapioca plant in Lampung province (Sumatra, Indonesia). The owner of that plant had practically no education (less than one year in primary school), but in learned from a professor at the nearly university how to build biogas plan. So, he built a biogas plant to digest his wastewater, and  used the biogas to dry the cassava flour at his plant. He has extra gas in some seasons so he used the gas to dry corn cultivated by the nearby farmers. Then, he had the digestate which was good as fertiliser, so he put a large plantation area to cultivate different agricultural products using this biofertilizer. So, it was a successful story. But, it was not ended there. He talked to other people who had similar types of wastewater and built so far 15 biogas plants in Indonesia.

It means the success doesn't need education, but need encouragement. However, there should be an educated man in nearby to help when needed. In this case, a combination of a professor in biogas production and a non-educated but handsome and real entrepreneur person resulted in such great development for both environment, industries and also people. I hope to see more examples of such kind in the future!

(The #biogas digester in lagoon form)

(The owner, prof. Udin and me on the top of digester)

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