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Friday, March 16, 2018

PhD Thesis on textile-based bioreactors

There are millions of bioreactors in the world for production of ethanol, biogas, antibiotics, lactic acid and other materials. These bioreactors are principally some tanks with some control equipment that should be tight, tolerate all the chemicals and microorganisms inside and the conditions and weather outside and also the pressure of the liquid. These bioreactors are normally made of stainless steel. However, the question is if we can make it of textile that could be cheaper and movable?

It is now many years that we are working with a company to develop such bioreactors. They look like a big bag, but actually not! Alex Osagie Osadolor has worked for 4 years to consider the design aspects of such textile-based bioreactors for production of biogas, ethanol and fungi. The questions are for example the pressure that the liquid and gas can put on the reactor material, or the mixing and movement of the materials inside it!

Alex has nailed his PhD thesis yesterday and will defend it on 6 April. We wish him good luck!

Here is the link to his thesis of "Design and Development of a Novel Textile-based Bioreactor: Ethanol and biogas production as case studies" that include these papers:

1- Introducing textiles as material of construction of ethanol bioreactors

2- Development of novel textile bioreactor for anaerobic utilization of flocculating yeast for ethanol production

3- Membrane stress analysis of collapsible tanks and bioreactors

4- Empirical and experimental determination of the kinetics of pellet growth in filamentous fungi: A case study using Neurospora intermedia

5- Cost effective dry anaerobic digestion in textile bioreactors

6- Effect of media rheology and bioreactor hydrodynamics on filamentous fungi fermentation of lignocellulosic and starch-based substrates under pseudoplastic flow conditions

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