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Thursday, February 21, 2019

PhD thesis: New plates and films from apple pomace and citrus wastes

Do you like orange or apple juice? Do you know while making those juices, half of the apple or orange weight is ended in the wastes? There are some research about these materials to convert it to e.g. ethanol or biogas. On the other hand, there is large global problem with plastics in the world.  Therefore, Veronika Batori tried to produce some replacement for plastics from citrus wastes and apple pomace, and she worked to make new materials and biofilms out of them in her PhD thesis that has title "Fruit wastes to biomaterials: Development of biofilms and 3D objects in a circular economy system". She published several papers is defending her thesis tomorrow. We wish her good luck!

The papers are about:

  1. Production of pectin-cellulose biofilms: A new approach for citrus waste recycling
  2. Synthesis and characterization of maleic anhydride-grafted orange waste for potential use in biocomposites
  3. Anaerobic degradation of bioplastics: a review
  4. The effect of glycerol, sugar and maleic anhydride on the mechanical properties of pectin-cellulose based biofilms produced from orange waste
  5. Development of Bio-Based Films and 3D Objects from Apple Pomace

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