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Friday, August 20, 2021

PhD thesis: Pigment and fungiburger from bread and beer wastes?

 Which came first, #bread or #beer? It is a typical question, but doesn't matter for Rebecca Gmoser. She took whatever leftover from bread and also the residual from beer, gave it to an edible filamentous fungus (Neurospora intermedia), and let the fungi grow, so these wastes were converted to a paddy, like a burger with a good taste. In addition, Rebecca was stressed in her work, so she also gave little stress to the fungus to produce very beautiful colours, yellow, orange and red, or we call it natural pigments. Now is the last part of this stressful work, and she nailed her PhD thesis today and will defend on 10 Sep. I wish her good luck with it.

Her PhD thesis was about Circular bioeconomy through valorisation of agro-industrial residues by the edible filamentous fungus Neurospora intermedia.

She also put these publications on her thesis:

1- Filamentous ascomycetes fungi as a source of natural pigments

2- Pigment Production by the Edible Filamentous Fungus Neurospora intermedia

3- Combining submerged and solid state fermentation to convert waste bread into protein and pigment using the edible filamentous fungus N. intermedia

4- From stale bread and brewers spent grain to a new food source using edible filamentous fungi.

5- From surplus bread to burger using filamentous fungi at bakeries: Techno-economical evaluation.

6- Solid-state fermentation of stale bread by an edible fungus in a novel semi-continuous plug-flow bioreactor

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