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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hand in Hand for children in India

There are tens of thousands children in India who are scavengers and survive by collecting some valuable materials from waste dumping areas. There was recently a TV report at SVT about an organization called "Hand in Hand" who managed working of the adults in the scanvenger families and send their children to the school. It is an important job and might drastically improve the future of these children. I wish them good luck!

(Thanks to my friend Jessica Magnusson for the tips on this report)


  1. Thank you for your good wishes and I do wish you good luck for the democracy in Iran.

  2. Dear sir,
    This was an excellent post, and yes its happening in India,children are garbing waste and parents are letting them to that, according to my experience as I lived in India for about 24 years, there are lots of resources in India as it the temperate country with very good climatic conditions which are very favorable for human life and also for animal life unlike european countries. India has huge population because the birth rate is high due to good climatic conditions and resources available for humans to lead a better life,and this children who picks up the waste and live on them are poor people. In India one is poor if and only if he is lazy and doesnt like to work hard. If one is ready work and intelligent in studies he has good future. I mean that poor people are the lazy people. As one of Indian president Name Abdul kalam, who is a world famous scientist for his discoveries is from a poor uneducated family.Government provides free education free food form childhood to the ph.d level in India if one is interested in studies one can utilize this opportunity and become a great individual rather than picking waste, people who are lazy and who expects easy life are the people whose life is bad in India. I wish good luck to all the people to know more about value of education than easy life in India. I know one day it happens and whole world will look at it appreciates it. Thank you sir for your valuable post in the blog. There is lot of in depth reasons for the post you did here so i mentioned if you want more information about the things in India please post articles which ever you have douts We people can help you. Thank you so much.