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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fish feed from wastes

With a global fish production/catch of about 100 million tons per year, fish feed is being more important in our daily life. Considering salmon as an example, we need 2,5 kg fish feed for producing each kg of the fish. We together with our parner companies, Cewatech AB and Nordic Paper in Säffle are developing zygomycetes fungi as fish feed in a large pilot plant. The pilot is now producing the fungus from the byproducts of the pulp industries, and the product is going to be tested by fishfeed indutries in large scales. These organisms are safe for humas as being used as daily food (tempeh) in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia for centuries. Let's hope this development lead to prevent catching small fishes for feeding large fishes.

(A zygomycete fungus used in this work. The picture was taken by our PhD student Patrik Lennartsson)

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