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Friday, October 8, 2010

A PhD thesis on Citrus Waste Biorefinery

Here is a PhD thesis of our former PhD student Mohammad Pourbafrani, about Citrus Waste Biorefinery: Process Development, Simulation and Economic Analysis. He came to Borås as PhD student in 2006 and was graduated in May 2010. Here are the published papers from his thesis:

1- Protective Effect of Encapsulation in Fermentation of Limonene-contained Media and Orange Peel Hydrolyzate, International Journal of Molecular Science, 2007, 8(8), 777-787.
2- Optimization Study of Citrus Wastes Saccharification by Dilute-Acid hydrolysis, BioResources, 2008,3(1),108-122.
3- Production of biofuels, limonene and pectin from citrus wastes, Bioresource Technology, 2010,101(11), 4246-4250
4- Process design and economic analysis of a citrus waste biorefinery with biofuels and limonene as products, Bioresource Technology, 101(19): 7382-7388

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