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Monday, August 8, 2011

Energy use in Sweden 2030

There was a recent report from The Swedish Energy Agency showing the total energy use in Sweden will increase to 662 TWh, which is 5% more than its level in 2007 which was 629 TWh. The prognosis shows 30 TWh increase in electrity production, in which the wind turbines will produce 10 TWh more electricity. When it comes to the market, the industry will incease their energy consumption, while the household and services will reduce their consumptions.

The total consumption of transportation fuels in Sweden will reduce from 126 TWh to 125 TWh. However, the development of different fuels will be different. While the consumption of gasoline will be drastically reduced, the consumption of the biofuels and diesel will be increased. As shown in this fugure, the biggest jump will be the biogas. You can read the whole report here (in Swedish)!

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