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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How was the weather?

Good weather here in Europe means sunny, while bad weather usually corresponds to rainy weather. There are similar definitions among people in many countries. However, in several parts of the world, people are suffering from the shortage or lack of "rain". I was in my home town in Isfahan, which is a beautiful city in Iran, and a turist attract of the country. However, the big river of the city was dry this summer, because of the lack of rain. It resulted for 300,000 of the farmers in the eastern part of the city to lose their job!

We see also on the news that people in African horn are starving to death. These are not the only regions that suffer from the too "good" weather (sunny and no rain). North of Africa, Middle East, Spain, Iran, Pakistan, India, USA, Mexico, Australia, etc. (that are located around 30 degree in latitude) are partly or totally suffered from the dryness. These climate changes are partly affected by global warming and increasing the level of greenhouse gases such as CO2. The capacity of our earth is not enough to absorb our emissions. So, we should continue suffering from these disasters!

(An old bridge in Isfahan over a river that was once full of water)

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