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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011: Political, economical, social and climate turbulences

2011 is now passed, a year with global turbulences in almost all the aspects, including politics in e.g. Middle East and North Africa, economics in Europe and USA, social in many countries and also the global climates. The global temperature in 2010 had a record high, but the warmest 13 years were in the last 15 years. Arctic sea ice got a record minimum of 4.33 million km2 in 2011, which is 35% below the average 1979-2000. We heard quite often about severe storms, cyclons, floods, drought, forest fires, and many other natural disasters everywhere in the world. The weather goes toward the extremes in all the aspects. We see for example drought followed by flood. The polititions in the world should wake up and do something! More information about 2001 can be found at World Meterological Organization.

(Global temperature from WMO)

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