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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Green cars pool in Sweden

Sweden, as one of the most environmentally friendly contries, consumes today 47% renewable energy according to Swedish Energy Agency, while the rest is nuclear energy and fossil fules. The fossil oil is mainly consumed as fuel for the cars and trucks. There has been therefore a major effort to change the pattern of this branch. Ethanol was the first one introduced in Sweden in 2000 and it is now mixed with gasoline and also sold as 85% as E85 by almost all the gas stations. According to Bil Sweden, 304,984 new cars were registered in 2011, in which 122,460 cars were in the category of environmental cars. It means that 40.2% of the new cars were green cars.

However, among the green cars, there has been big fluctuations in the last few years. Ethanol was dominant a few years ago according to Gröna Bilisters. For exampe, 30% of the new green cars in 2010 were ethanol cars, which reduced to 12% last year. There are now many alternatives of low-consumimg green cars (producing less than 120 g CO2 per km) in the market, particularly diesel cars. It means in 2011, green diesel cars were dominants. However, the new incoming law with the harder definition of green cars, will further change the profile of the green cars in the coming years. The share of biogas cars is now more than 5%. Let's hope for the best development in this market!

(The percentage of newly registered green cars in Sweden in 2011. Complete list of the last few years is here)

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  1. The eco-friendly cars are becoming more widespread throughout Europe, not only in Sweden, due to their many advantages (lack of harmful emissions, saving on the cost of maintenance and insurance, etc. ..). Moreover, thanks to new agreements between the European Community and the automakers, that provide a considerable reduction in the carbon dioxide emissions from new vehicles introduced to the market, the electric vehicles will spread even more.