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Friday, February 17, 2012

More Biogas in West Sweden

Västra Götaland (VG) is the name of the largest province in west Sweden with 1.6 million inhabitants. This province together with two other provinces named Skåne (South) and Stockholm (east) are the largest producer of biogas in Sweden. In VG, about 200 GWh biogas (equal to about 21 million m3 methane) was produced in 2011, in order to feed 7111 cars, 1354 light trucks, 262 heavy trucks and 224 buses.

The province has now a heavy plan to increase its biogas production to 2.4 TWh (equal to 250 million m3 methane gas) per year in 2020, in which half of it to be produced by bacterial digestion and the other half via gasification. In order to reach this goal, many organizations, companies, farmers, universities, schools, municipalites etc. are now gathering to syncronize their activities. We are also an active partner in this development with our research, education, development and international network with the hope to reach the goal. More information about the program can be found at Biogas Väst!

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