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Saturday, March 10, 2012

From wood to fish feed!

One of our aims in working with zygomycetes fungi is to produce fish feed. These fungi contain chitosan as well as the proteins and are good quality feed for fishes. In recent years, our partner company Cewatech AB in collaboration with Nordic Paper Seffle AB with support from Vinnova, put their efforts to cultivate these fungi on sulfite liquor in large pilot plant. This liquor is the residual of pulp industries using sulfite process, in which, hemicellulose is degraded to the sugars and lignin is dissloved in water in form of lignosulfonate. The fungi can well grow on the liquor by assimilating the sugars and now ready to go to fish feed industry.

This topic is particularly important in connection with traditional fishing of small fishes for feeding the larger fishes. This project has the potential to cut this chain and help for a more sustainable world. I wish good luck with our partners and hope to see soon this process in industrial scale!

(Schematic process of fish feed from sulfite liquor. Here is the reference)

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