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Friday, June 29, 2012

Catfish and zero wastes?

I didn't like catfish before, but I think I don't eat it any longer. However, this fish is very popular in many countries, including Southeast Asia.

Yesterday, I visited a community in Bangkok Metropolitan (Thailand) that made their own initiative to take care of their wastes with the help of catfish. Catfish is principally growing in dirty water that no other fish can survive. In this community, they have water under the houses, and started to farm catfish. They put all their organic wastes from the housholds and also a night market to these ponds to grow up the catfish. In addition, their wastewater including the toilet water goes directly to these ponds under the houses. Catfishes eat all the materials and grow well. Then, they harvest the fish and sell them in the market. People were happy and the fish were also happy! In this small community, they succeeded to reduce the amount of waste from 1.8 tons/day to just 200 kg/day, which is a great success! But I don't eat catfish :)


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