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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Plastic recycling in Sweden

The problems with the waste plastics in a global problem. Plastic wastes from bottles, bags etc. are not easily biodegradable and we see them spread everywhere on the streets, beaches, etc.

In Sweden, the plastics (mixture of various plastic materials) are collected separately from the other wastes. People put them is special containers. Then, it is collected by the municipalities or some companies and then moved to some special companies that take care of them. Swerec is one of these companies that recycle about 33,000 tons plastic each year, in which halft of it come from households. They separate hard- and soft plastics by blowing, contron the quality, cut them into in small pieces, and then separate the impurities. The mixed plastics are then separated based on their density. In this way, the waste plastics is recycled to the raw materials to make new plastics. Here is a short film about their process (in Swedish)!

(Plastic Recycling at Swerec in Sweden)

(The plastic wastes in one the beautiful beaches that I took the picture in 2008)


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